Holographic TouchTM

Cultivating Perception, Touch and Treatment…

Carol Ann Agneessens, MS.

Since the mid 1970’s, Carol Ann has been exploring multi-dimensional perception. A daily practice of somatic inquiry has led to the unfolding and deepening awareness of the physical body as medium for that exploration.

Embodiment through sensing, enlivening and listening to the intelligence of the body’s biological wisdom is her portal to transformation. With this as context, her inquiry into somatic ignition fuels a mosaic of primal wisdom, depth, and the stillness within fundamental being-ness. As a practitioner of Rolfing® / Structural Integration for over thirty-seven years, a cranial sacral therapist, movement educator and certified instructor in these modalities, this exploration has deepened an impulse to engage the subtle rhythms and pulses of our universal nature thereby unleashing the numinous essence of a biological spirituality.

The courses and trainings she offers reflect this life-long inquiry.