Holographic TouchTM

Carol Ann Agneessens, MS. RCST®

In 1978, Carol earned a M.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Behavioral Disabilities with certification in Special Education. Working with children and adults challenged by learning, developmental and emotional difficulties led to the development of a unique teaching style that recognizes and ignites the gifts of each student.

She was drawn to study the art of Rolfing® in 1981 as a way of awakening the ‘mind’ of the body. In 1994, she joined the Rolf Institute faculty teaching both Rolfing® / Structural and Movement Integration. Additional trainings include visceral work, neurophysiology, osteopathic modalities, and over the past 20 years the study of embryology as the metaphor of ‘wholeness’. This exploration is the ground for her trainings in craniosacral therapy.

Her trainings and workshops are offered both nationally and internationally. Her book, The Fabric of Wholeness, (2001) explores the inherent intelligence of the body within the field of gravity.

Presently, Carol Ann lives in Aptos, California where she enjoys a private practice, painting and walking the shores of Monterey Bay.