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Cranio Sacral Therapy

A Foundational Training in Cranial Sacral Therapy: Integrating Field Phenomena, Embryology and Presence

(Four – 6 day modules. 42 hours per module).

This Foundational Training in Cranial Sacral Therapy is an integrative approach that cultivates perception, touch and embodied presence within the format of a cranial sacral education. This training delves into the tidal phenomena and therapeutic forces that shape and sustain health. In addition, emphasis is placed on cranial anatomy, neural physiology, treatment protocols, and embryological development. Embryology is the underlying ground of formation and interrelationships of this body. This approach will be immediately relevant to your somatic therapeutic practice.

Module 1: Cultivating Touch and Perception: The Art of Healing

August 30 – September 5, 2019, (day off September 2)
  • An overview of cranio-sacral phenomena.
  • Principles and Theory of a Biodynamic Orientation
    • Stillness, Resonance and Neutral
  • Cranial anatomy:
    • Bones, Sutures, Meninges and Venous Sinuses.
  • Orientation & Attunement
    • Embryological beginnings
    • Energetic nodes of function
    • Perceptual depth / deepening stillness / presence
  • Midline formations
  • Treatment protocols
  • Engaging and expanding through the core-link.

Module 2: Facial Development: the Emerging Social Nervous System

December 6-12, 2019 (day off Dec. 9)
  • Anatomy of visceral cranium.
  • Cranial sacral fluid (CSF)
    • Ventricles, aqueducts, canals.
  • Embryology of facial development (pharyngeal folds)
  • Engaging the Social Nervous System: vagus nerve (ventral – dorsal)
  • Heart – Face – Brain connection
  • Perceptual explorations: Stillness, Tidal phenomena

Module 3: The Belly of Pulsation, Ignition and Instinct

March 13-19, 2020 (day off March 16)
  • Embryological formation of the viscera
  • Formation of diaphragms
    • Ascending and descending motility
    • Horizontal membranes
  • Urogenital formation: overview - kidneys
  • Midlines of visceral development
    • Uro-genital formation: kidneys, bladder and gential organs
  • Longitudinal fluctuation: potency and amplitude
    • Augmentation of practitioner presence and tidal response

Module 4: Midline Manifestations & Notochord Signaling

August 7-13, 2020 (day off August 10)
  • Midline formations: fields: brain and spinal cord
  • Engaging the notochord and its signaling center
    • Embryo’s signaling center
    • Organizing fulcrum of spinal segments
  • Geometric underpinnings: Tissue, Fluids, electromagnetic fields
  • Exploring embryonic gestures: limb formation
  • Integration and Closure
  • Review – refine – reinforce
  • Application of cranio-sacral skills to health and healing

Tuition: $1275/module (+DIRI administrative fee)

Registration: through DIRI or directly with Carol.

Location: Dr. Ida Rolf Institute / Boulder, CO


Carol A Agneessens has been a practitioner of Rolfing and Movement Integration for over 37 years. She began her studies in Cranio-sacral therapy in 1982. She has been teaching cranial sacral since 2005. Her studies in Embryology influence her teaching and understanding of our implicit wholeness, dimensions of being and the grounding flows underlying formation.

Ray McCall has 40 years experience as a Rolfer. As a RISI Advanced faculty member he teaches basic, Advanced and Continuing Education classes both in the States and Abroad. His particular interest is the energetic taxonomy and how change occurs; how we more fully become and express who we are.

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