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The Embryonic Fields: Touching the Origins of Form

“We come spinning out of nothingness
Scattering stars like dust.”
— Rumi

The Embryonic Fields: Exploring Gestures of Formation

Instructor: Carol Ann Agneessens, MS.

June 12-15, 2020 (Friday thru Monday)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Location: Fort Marcy Hotel and Suites // 321 Kearny Ave.
(NCTMB CEU. 28 hours / IASI credit)

Embryonic movements describe a language of formation in living organisms. It is not an analytical description rather it is an experiential inner movement in concert with the forces inherent in the surrounding environment. Recorded photos of embryonic structures show a static and frozen moment in time. However, in this workshop we will explore the moving expressions underlying formation and learn ways to integrate this information into a somatic practice. Whether it is the gesture of folding & unfolding, the spiraling-somersault-like turnings of heart formation or limb buds fluidly reaching out and grasping; embryonic gestures are expressions of the fluidity within form. These vibrating functions lead to the formation of supportive structures that carry us through life.

In this workshop we will:

  • Explore the gestural development of leg and arm buds
  • Follow the neural pathways from spinal cord through limb formation
  • Engage the developmental spiraling of the heart
  • Experience the toroid field underlying heart development
  • Engage the lemniscate development within the shoulder and hip joints

For more information, contact Carol Agneesens:

Organizer & logistics: Jill Gerber:

This workshop is open to all somatic practitioners. With registration, preparatory reading will be sent to you. To reserve your spot in this workshop please send $200. (non-refundable) Space is limited. to Carol Agneessens, 114 Rio del Mar Blvd., Aptos CA. 95003

Tuition: $760.00 paid in full before April 20. // $820.00 after 4/20/2020

“The basis for all body form is embryology. Through the study of embryology we learn how the adult form/function develops.” (R. Feitis, DO)

“The body is the second placenta.” (AT Still, DO)

Carol has been a student of embryology for many years. Her unique perspective explores the underlying flows of formation which shape the adult body and sustain health.

2018 Japan Embryology Class
The Embryonic Field. Kyoto, Japan. 2018.

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