Holographic TouchTM

The Embryonic Fields: Touching the Origins of Form

“We come spinning out of nothingness
Scattering stars like dust.”
— Rumi

The Embyonic Field: Touching the Origins of Form

Human embryology reveals the evolving process of formation. This workshop provides an experiential window into the embryological flows shaping us. These primal forces are the supporting ingredient underlying health and vibrancy. (adapted from Feitis/Schultz) Explorations will attune participants to:

  • The underlying blueprint of formation.
  • An experience of the primary fluid membranes of support.
  • The fundamental ignitions underlying development.
  • Application to therapeutic practice.

By embodying these formative movements, this understanding easily integrates into your therapeutic practice.

Cultivating a sense of embryological embodiment touches and deepens contact with our integral wholeness and the origin of being.

“The basis for all body form is embryology. Through the study of embryology we learn how the adult form/function develops. Embryology doesn't stop at birth…”

With: Carol Agneessens
Dates: TBA May-June, 2020
Santa Fe, NM

For more information, contact Carol Agneesens:

2018 Japan Embryology Class
The Embryonic Field. Kyoto, Japan. 2018.

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